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SBIA General Body Meeting

Announcement posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015
InshaAllah, the SBIA Annual General Body Meeting will be held on Sunday, December 13, 2015.
Venue: 2345 Harris Way, San Jose
Time: 11 am - Dhuhr
1. Qirat
2. President's Welcome
3. Annual Report
4. Amendments to the Bylaws 
5. Dua and adjournment
All are welcome to attend. However, only SBIA members who have paid dues as of June 30, 2015 (who were eligible to vote in elections) can vote on amendment motions at the GBM. The Treasurer will have a record of members with recorded donations for the period from July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 available at the meeting to check eligibility.

SBIA Elections

Announcement posted on Thursday, October 15th, 2015

The SBIA Election Committee is pleased to announce that there are 4 nominees for 3 upcoming vacancies on the SBIA Board of Directors. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Summary of Qualifications - Board of  Directors Nominees

1. Br Asif Ansari 

Has served on the SBIA Board of Directors since 2015 and been actively volunteering in Iftar, Eid & Taraweeh arrangements to SBIA Islamic school activities. Currently a member of SBIA’s Religious Affairs, Zakat, Family Night, and Youth Committees. He has reviewed and managed monthly Zakat disbursements to the needy.Drove the chartering of our new SBIA Boys & Cubs Scouts packs (50 members). Volunteers tirelessly for Suffa learning program. He has played a key role in the organization of our fundraisers, and has emceed the Khatm night & Eid programs. As the BoD liaison for our Downtown masjid facility, he has strived to facilitate its smooth operations.  





2. Mohamed S Marleen
Has served as Social & Youth Secretary for MCA between Jan 2009 and Dec 2011. Managed subcommittees related to Social and Youth needs, Counseling & Youth Mentorship. Started the MCA Career services department Operational Direction toward establishing free health care clinic for local Bay Area community. He established Local Journalism and Media Center. Managed MCA orphan sponsorship programs.President & Founder of United World Charity Foundation since Oct 2009.Co-found project in Sri Lanka to build a orphanage for 75 needy children. Inaugurated Health Care Clinic in Sri Lanka to provide free health care screening and medication.




3. Raheel Merchant
Has been a long-time volunteer at SBIA.  He has been serving on SBIA Board of Directors since 2009. For last five years he has been an active member of social committee that arranges SBIA Eid bazaar, Chand Raat mela, Ramadan iftars, dinner for monthly family nights and Friday lunch program. He manages the Harris way facility to ensure it is available for all prayers. He is very passionate about volunteering and is ready to help any organization. 





4. Isfandyar Qazi
Has been a long-time SBIA volunteer and associated with several key projects. Helped SBIA Harris way purchase by interacting with the Fremont community. Has lobbied for several prospective tenants at Harris way facility. He has been part of the Administrative team for Suffa Weekend learning Program. Outside SBIA, Br Isfandyar has been active in the Cordoba Center and fundraising. Helped in organizing the “Relay for Life” at UC Davis and volunteer for Helping Hands for Orphans.


The SBIA Election Committee is pleased to announce that there are 2 nominees for the one upcoming vacancy on the SBIA Board of Trustees.They are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Summary of Qualifications - Board of  Trustees Nominees

1. Insaaf  Mohideen

Over the past 15 years, he has been actively involved in non-profits in the Bay Area; led various committees at MCA, Treasurer/Board Member of Granada Islamic School, Board Member of Social Sector Solutions (HAAS), and leadership at 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Net Impact Club, and Kiva Micro Lending. Was involved in impacting strategic change that resulted in sustainable organizations with exceptional governance. As an investor and entrepreneur, he is familiar with building and scaling socially responsible organizations with limited resources and diverse teams




2. Yasmin Ismail Vanya
Served on SBIA BOD from 2009 to mid-2015. Served as the Board Secretary for more than 5 years. Has taught classes at SBIA Sunday school. Helped establish SBIA Sisters’ committee Monthly Food Sale event, raising $15,000 since last year and donating proceeds to Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Burma, as well as local needy families. Part of the organizing committee for monthly Homeless lunch preparation program since 2006 and helped serve ~13,000 meals to local homeless and needy.

*** Voting ballots will be mailed out by end of November ***




Prayer Times for Downtown & Masjid al-Mustafa

Today is Tuesday December 1st, 2015

Prayer Begins At Iqama End At
Fajr 6:25 AM
Dhuhr 1:00 PM
Asr 3:30 PM
Isha 7:30 PM

Friday Prayers

On Friday, November 27

Masjid al-Mustafā (Harris Way) - Imam Dawood Yasin
First Adhan at 12:15 PM, Iqamah at 12:50 PM
Downtown Center - Br. Samy Hilali
First Adhan at 12:15 PM, Iqamah at 12:50 PM

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